Drive Test/ Analytic Processing System: SkyRuler

SkyRuler is a professional drive test /analytic processing system that based on the big data analyzing and processing. SkyRuler fulfills the great requirements of network optimization engineers on site;lessens users’ repetitive working;inherits, shares and extend the network optimization ability of users- inner and outter of the enterprise effectively and helps users to build up network optimization knowledge system fast and efficiently. SkyRuler is not only a network optimization tool for wireless communication optimizers, but also a system tool which helps all wireless communication technology system engineer, R&D engineer and application engineer to develop their capacity.

Besides the basic functions of the common network optimization tools, SkyRuler also possesses the following features:

1.High-performance Parallel Computing, Big Data Analyzing and Processing

Compared with the common network optimization analytic processing system, SkyRuler adopts high-performance parallel computing which can analyze and process large quantities of drive test data makes the full acquisition and full analysis come true. Especially for the LTE big data network, SkyRuler’s analytic processing ability is more obvious.

2.Open System Architecture Fulfills Users

Based on the unique Open System Architecture, users can easily define and structure their analysis algorithm, then put them into SkyRuler by graphs and simple scripts. With SkyRuler, users-the inner and outer of the enterprise- inherit, can share and extend analysis algorithm effectively and structure network optimization knowledge system quickly. Facing the more and more complicated wireless communication network environment, with technologies, SkyRuler solves the problems of the common network optimization tools fundamentally, such as their weak and unscalable analytic ability .

3.A Clear Devision in Responsibility, Makes You Best at Your Professional

The analysis algorithm devolopment and basic platform devolopment is independent, which makes the professionals who are perfect in wireless communication technology can focus on the research and devolpment of algorithm. There is no need for them to understand how to realize the basis platform.

4.Configurable Design Concept, Fast Response the Changing Network

Facing the changing wireless communication network, such as LTE network, the configurability of SkyRuler makes it fullfill new development requirement.

5.Powerful Report Engine, Full Custom Reports

To different users/ user hierarchy/user roles, SkyRule supports full custom report with unlimited IE/ content/format and outputs report rapidly and automatically.

6.Acquisition/Analysis Integrated, Be Convinient for Users

Users can analyze the data while doing metric road test. You can find the network problems and have the solutions in the meanwhile rather than analyzing the data after testing. Users can save much time because you needn’t switch the network optimization tools or softwares repeatedly when doing acquisition/analysis.



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(The Configuration of the Event Analysis State Machine)