About Us

Shenzhen BytePivot Technologies Co., Ltd.

Bytepivot Tech. attracts top talents in the fields of wireless communication technology, big data analyzing and processing, basic algorithm research, mathematical modeling and software systems engineering etc.

Bytepivot Tech. contributes to the optimization of wireless communication network field. Based on the analysis of big data, we launch a series of superior products / solutions in the field of optimization of wireless communication networks, which help users to build up network optimization knowledge system and to solve the bottleneck problems of ability ascension on network optimization as the network scales grow geometrically.

Bytepivot Tech. always insists on the advanced research on wireless communication network optimization technology, which makes the employment of wireless communication network optimization easier, more relax and efficient.

The service objects of Bytepivot Tech. are the operator of wireless communication, wireless communication device operator, independent service provider and wireless communication technology research agencies (institutions).